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Tell Congress you vehemently oppose this cruel and brutal treatment of migrant children and families

The Trump administration published appalling new rules last Friday that allow ICE border officials to jail refugee and migrant children in detention centers indefinitely. This is a violent and cruel decision that will result in children being locked up for months–or even years–in overcrowded, unsanitary, and inhumane facilities.

Take action to protect migrant children and their families by contacting your Congress members now. Demand that they oppose this vile rule and act immediately to close the camps.

The Trump-Pence administration is controlling what doctors can and cannot say to patients: we must take action right now to protect reproductive health care!

The Trump-Pence Gag Rule was designed to silence countless clinics and punish pregnant people. But, Congress has the power to reverse this decision. Call your Senators and demand they repeal it TODAY: 202-601-3441.

Gun Violence is a National Emergency: Demand a Senate Vote Now!

There have been 251 shootings in 2019. And all of them preventable. To say it is time to take action is a massive understatement.

Click here to demand that Mitch McConnell bring the Senate back to session to vote.

No Time Limit on Equality: Tell Congress to Remove the Deadline for ERA Ratification!

The Equal Rights Amendment makes a simple promise: “Equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any state on account of sex.”More than ever, it’s time to hold the nation accountable for fulfilling its commitment to equality for all.

Urge your Representatives and Senators to put women in the U.S. Constitution and pass the ERA today.

Inform Your Senator Now!

Shannon Goessling has been nominated to head the Office on Violence Against Women at the Department of Justice, an office charged with reducing violence against women and strengthening services to survivors of domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault, and stalking. Her hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee has been postponed multiple times and currently is not on any upcoming schedule. It’s our job to maintain the pressure so as to delay a hearing for the unpopular nominee as long as possible.

Tell your Senator to oppose Goessling for the Office on Violence Against Women today.

Watch the Academy Award Winning Documentary Short Period. End of Sentence. and learn about the work of the Pad Project.

Host a screening, or virtual screening, of Period. End of Sentence. on Netflix to get the conversation started in your community. Then head over to the Pad Project‘s website to learn about the pink tax and take action in your state.

Join GLI’s campaign for Menstrual Equity and buy a pack of period products for people who need them!

GLI students Neha, Netra, Sutton and Sophie from the Northern California Region have started the GLI Campaign for Menstrual Equity to help meet the need for menstrual products in their community. From panic buying to loss of income, many families are finding it difficult to access these products. 

Go to bit.ly/GLICME to find out more and donate a pack of supplies to those in need! 

Right now, there are bills proposed at the state level that would damage survivors’ rights. Join Know Your IX in taking action against those bills:

If you live in Missouri, take action against these bills by sending a letter to your state legislators telling them to OPPOSE Senate Bill 259 and House Bill 573.

Join Women’s Voices Now in an empathy to action film campaign in response to the tragic events in New Zealand, and the ongoing global violence against marginalized communities.

Host a film screening of Under the Scarf, one of four short social impact documentaries created in the Global Girl Media + Women’s Voices Now Summer 2018 Training Program.

For more actions, CLICK HERE.

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