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A Safe Place to Study at Apne Aap (India)

Apne Aap (India)

Apne Aap’s Kasturba Gandhi Girls School is in the state of Bihar, India close to the border with Nepal. The residential school serves 100 girls who are in danger of being trafficked for sex. Through the school, the girls have a safe place to learn, study, and pursue friendships during the week and still visit with their families on the weekend. Most of the girls are the first in their families to have the chance to receive an education.

This project costs $3000 and includes all of the funding needed for three girls to attend and live at the school for one full year. This includes meals, personal items, and school supplies. Read the LA Times article about the school and see photos here.

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Supplies for Success at the Emusoi Centre (Tanzania)

The Emusoi Centre seeks to address the lack of opportunities for girls’ education within indigenous pastoralist societies. Traditionally, pastoralist girls are married as soon as they reach puberty. For some, this takes place even before a girl has completed primary school. The Emusoi Centre serves as a “safe house” for girls who run away from forced marriage and want to continue with their studies – many of whom are brought in secret to the Centre by their mothers or other concerned relatives. The Centre provides the girls with pre-secondary remedial studies.

At present, there are 50 girls in the pre-secondary program who live at the Emusoi Centre. This project costs $2,000 total and will provide all the necessary school supplies ($40 per girl) for these 50 girls for one full school year.

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New Classroom at St Rido School (Uganda)

St. Rido raises awareness in the community about the importance of educating girls in Uganda and provides primary education and vocational training to 122 girls that would otherwise not be able to afford it. 

In order to strengthen and expand their vocational training program, the school is constructing a new block of classrooms. This project will provide supplies to paint the new classrooms ($650) and electrical installation ($1500) that will provide power for internet connection, lighting, and tools for the vocational courses. The project will cost $2,150 in total. 

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Clean Water and Toiletries at the Unatti Group Home for Girls  (Nepal)

The Unatti Foundation’s Girls’ Home serves 20 girls ages 5-18 years old in Bhaktapur, Nepal. The group home creates a long-term, loving family and provides the girls with a safe and supportive environment to eat, sleep, learn, play, and live. The Unatti Foundation sponsors 13 years of formal school education for all residents of the Unatti Group Home for Girls.

Just like in any home, access to clean water must be purchased, and the girls in the Unatti home need funding for toiletries and basic supplies. This project cost $1,740 in total and will fund toiletries ($125 per month) and clean water ($20 per month) for all the girls in the house.

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Safeguarding Girls and Creating Healthy Women  (Sierra Leone)

Sierra Leone Rising is a not-for-profit organization that focuses on providing quality education, supporting female empowerment, and ensuring public health safety in rural Sierra Leone. GLI is proud to partner with Sierra Leone Rising in support of the 620 students of Bumpe High School. 

This project costs $5,000 and will supply funding for the following: 

  • Workshops for students on menstrual and reproductive health issues led by women’s health practitioners and trained student leaders
  • Reusable sanitary pads for girls
  • Rehabilitate the girls bathrooms at the school
  • Bring women leaders from Sierra Leone to speak with and inspire the girls

Watch a CNN Interview with Bumpe Co-founder Sarah Culberson.

View the 2019 Funds Report, 2018 Funds Report, the 2017 Funds Report and the 2016 Funds Report.