Becoming a Partner School

What is the first step for becoming a Partner School?

Check out our website to learn about the Girls Learn International program and the work that we do. Then read over this page to answer any questions you may have about the Partner School application process. Also, feel free to contact Girls Learn International with any additional questions you may have before applying. When you are ready to apply, contact Ashley Steimer-King to receive the Partner School application.

Who can apply to become a Partner School?

If you are a teacher or administrator at a non-profit or a school that supports schools in countries where girls still lag behind boys in access to education, you are welcome to apply on behalf of a school.

What does a good Partner School candidate look like?

Partner Schools can be co-educational, serving both girls and boys, or they can be all-girls schools. In order to qualify as a Partner School, a school must implement a specific initiative to empower girls and promote girls’ access to education.

Is there a due date for the application?

No, Partner School applications are accepted throughout the year.

What happens after I’ve submitted the application?

After you submit your application, expect to hear back from us with a confirmation email within a few days, and then give us a few weeks to go over your application. If you are accepted, you will receive an acceptance email along with information about your next steps as a Partner School.

What does a Partner School do?

Identify a contact person – Choose a teacher or administrator who will communicate directly with GLI and notify GLI if this contact person changes.

Select a group of students – These students will participate in the GLI Program and who will communicate with students in the United States. GLI also provides Partner Schools with a Partner School Guidebook, which facilitators can use to lead activities for the students to learn about human rights.

Communicate with a U.S. Chapter – All Partner Schools must make a commitment to regularly communicate with their assigned U.S. Chapter School. Communication between Partners & Chapters is an essential part of the GLI program. Partner schools are paired with U.S. Chapter Schools by GLI. Partnerships communicate throughout the year exchanging thoughts and ideas about education and human rights.

  • Ensure that students respond to the emails & letters from their U.S. Chapter. For further instructions, refer to the Partner School Guidebook, which schools receive once they have been accepted to the program.
  • Help students develop at least one Student Exchange Project that explores how students feel about any of the following topics: education, family, hopes & dreams, human rights. These are suggested topics and girls can decide to write essays, create stories with pictures, or create artwork, films or poetry about any of these topics or similar subjects. More information about this project is included in the Partner School Guidebook.

Receive funds – U.S. Chapter schools raise funds for Partner Schools through advocacy events. These funds, usually about $700, are distributed in July by GLI. Partner Schools do not receive funds directly from U.S. Chapters and do not receive funds at any time other than the month of July. After receiving these funds, Partner schools are expected to:

  • Acknowledge receipt of all funds received and spend all money donated by GLI on programs that promote girls’ education.
  • Provide a general report on how funds were spent. These general reports help GLI Chapters understand the needs of their Partner School and encourage GLI Chapters to continue raising money.