Regional Meetings

group of studentsRegional Areas

There are six regional areas for GLI Chapters:

  • Greater NYC Area
  • Greater San Francisco Bay Area
  • Greater Los Angeles Area
  • Eastern Regional Area – for Chapters in the Eastern time zone not in one of the above metro areas above
  • Western Regional Area – for Chapters in the Central, Mountain or Pacific time zones and not in one of the metro areas above
  • International – for Chapters outside the U.S.

Regional Meetings

GLI holds monthly meetings during the school year for each Regional Area. Students from Chapters within the Region discuss Chapter-related issues, plan events, discuss advocacy and fundraising strategies, and network with each other. Any student from an active Chapter in the Region can participate in the meeting.

The NYC, San Francisco Bay and Los Angeles Regions meet through a combination of in-person meeting and webinars, and the Eastern, Western and International regions meet through webinar only. Although it is not mandatory, we encourage at least one member from each GLI Chapter to attend the Regional meetings.

Student Advisory Board

Chapters in each Regional Area elect students to the Student Advisory Board. Student Advisory Board officers provide valuable feedback to GLI staff, help plan and facilitate Regional Meetings, and plan special events for the Region.